The Education of Chinese Children

When I was young I groped for fish every day after class. There were a few homework for children, so every child had a light heart childhood which were beautiful. But today’s children are so different, they have a lot of homework can never finish every day, they need to carry books by draw-bar box to go to school. They have to take lots of courses beyond normal courses, such like dancing, singing, playing piano, learning English, learning Olympic mathematics,painting etc.

Nowadays, the purpose of education has changed in China. There are some people who think that competition in children should be made, also other believes that children should learn how to cooperate as well as become more useful. There are advantages and disadvantages for both of the arguments.

Firstly, some parents think their children can not lose from starting line. This is because the intense competition from adults become more and more common. These people do not want to lose and aim to win, they send children to attend kinds of competition. Before that they hire tutor for kids for learning, or book several training classes. Possibly, children have no extra time for relax, there are lots of works waiting for them. Meanwhile the parents spend a lot of money to hope kids can learn faster that what they learn at school.

Furthermore, during the summer and winter vacations, children study English in English Training School, or parents hire a English teacher for kids individually, usually it is not cheap to learn English in China. When the children finish Nursery school and before go to primary school, they need to take examinations to test students’ level of studies generally, and only the highest 40% can go to the good quality primary school. If kid can not get a good score but still want to go to the good one their parents need to pay a lot of money. even secondary school and high-school, the competition is very cruel.

On the other hand, as they are busy to enter the schools and study individually with their tutors, they are problems to cooperate with others, because they may become selfish or unsociable. They become careless and don’t help others a lot if it is about studies. However, they will not capable to work with others when they go to companies after graduate, because a team needs different members, for instance, each person is weak for some part but strong in other part, if team work is not cooperated, it is not good for work. To cooperate is to improve this part, people can communicate with their fellows and learn with each other. They could also be a great opportunity to learn instead of learning alone with one teacher.

Moreover, the kids don’t have spare time to relax and develop what they really like as they are so busy to study, it is no good for their character build. They may become more and more hate study, and feel more pressure, it’s not good for their health. And the young kids feel that is a bored childhood.

Overall, I strongly agree with that children should be taught to cooperate rather than compete. Because children should to know how to work together with others, develop their cooperation ability. Therefore, I don’t think that it’s good to rank children since their childhood, in their childhood, they should play with others with fun, learn with others happy, and let them to enjoy the beautiful childhood at all.

About English Studies

I took IELTS test last month, I feel it’s totally different between Chinese test and Western test.

It has deep influenced my English learning method since I attended LaoLuo English Training. Actually I have learned English for about 13years, but unfortunately I never understood the correct method about learning English. What a shame, one of my old brother from Beijing Petra University said to me 10years ago, “I have learned English for more than 13years but I still didn’t know how to speak English, I need a speaking teacher. What a failure of Chinese education”.

When I was a freshmen in Beijing Language University and just knew repeat every single word from A to C from English dictionary, but that experience told me that it was a definitely wrong method. Why? Because every time I tried to remember a new word I found that it’s hard to remember in the second day. Furthermore, I could not remember the words one month later, then I just gave up. This was the most embarrassing study experience from my life. And most of my classmates they usually used the same method of mine. We finally found that we learned nothing in the end. However we all thought that the English learning is so hard.

After I worked in a foreign company, there were many chance to speak English during work. I had to learn new English words and used to speak English in different occasions. I used English to write mails and report, sometimes I had to check English dictionary for some unknown words. But it did not actually improve my English skill any way.

My IELTS teachers taught me how to learn English everyday, the method they taught to me are very useful. I do not just repeat single words but read a whole sentence from a whole essay, and try to understand what the word mean in the whole sentence, and then repeat the whole sentence. They also talked to us that how many you input and how many you can output. If you learn right you will speak and write right. No pains no gains that is true.

I just realize that I need to take the right way to study English from now on. Listen BBC every day, learn new words everyday, read English books, watch English videos, repeat what I hear and watch. Chance favors the prepared mind. I believe I can have more improvement.