Accompany With Child Safe

Recently, there is a huge tragedy occurred in Fo Shan and it touched the most of Chinese people. There was a toddler who walked on the road and she was rolling by two cars but nobody helped her even 18 people passed by her. Finally a old lady who is a cleaner rescued the little girl and asked for help, then found the girl’s mother. The accident was going for 7minutes, there had no one to help her or took any actions about saving her life. We can scold the 18 strangers who did not help the little girl but why no body asked where were the girl’s parents? Did the girl have her guardian?

Unfortunately, I just heard the little girl passed today. While every one from society keeps blaming the strangers with cold blood, but why didn’t they accuse the two car drivers? If they did careful drive the accident may avoid to happen. Furthermore, why the girl’s parents left her alone to walk on the road? In USA, her parents will be jailed because they fail in their duties.

I don’t want to abuse anyone else about this affair, but I do want to argue the morbidity of law, or morbid people. Also every guardian should be efficient and responsible for child, and parents should take care of their child. The guardian also should let child live in a safety environment as well.

In my experience, I taught my daughter to watch out on the road, and a child should be hand by hand or hug up on the road. The traffic is complex and the cars are dangerous for human. I often tell her that she is not allowed to take anyone’s candy or refreshment from strangers or even people she knows. Because there are some children who are lost or abducted after they took stranger’s food. The poor children might not see their parents again in their future life. But if every couple look after their kid very well, the kid is safe.

The thing is that if we can not change the law now to make everything fair, we have to be responsible for our children first, do what we can do to protect them. To make them safety and happy is very important than any other things. Try our best to make the child happy and health, don’t try anything stupid while you will be very sorry about it.

A Blind Of Violent In Captivity

In this country, you will never know when you will suffer the violent control by government.

Recently, a blind lawer who is now in captivity by the local government, which is a shock news from sina weibo. I saw some weibo from people and understood that the lawer helped local citizens to argue the birth plan of violent control. The local government has hired more than 20 local people to observe the blind lawer, there was no personal life out of the lawer’s house, he is not allowed to move, his son is not allowed to go to school, his family is not allowed to go anywhere including buy food resources. And now nobody knows if the lawer still alives, because the local government terminated the contact between the lawer’s family and outside. Some people visited to the village and tried to meet the lawer, but they all suffered violent hit, obviously the guardians who were hired by the local government. Nobody can not receive any updates of the blind from that mystic village.

There is an old saying, “The heaven is high and the emperor is far away; there is no help for it.” Nobody can help the blind without the power of government, because the local government loses the basic human nature, their violent political reputation is tainted by their abuse of the power.

There are lots of things are tainted by the government abuse of the power. In the rush hour in the morning, there are lots of roads may be violent control by some departments, then citizens can not move and face traffic jam for several hours, sometimes we face several times in one day. Public Security Department usually block some roads only for government cars, it seems that it’s the private road of government. The leader of government goes to airport or goes to some meeting center, people who unfortunately be violent control and wait several hours. The Chang An Street usually is blocked for several times in one day, because leaders need across the road to the People’s Congress Hall. But ridiculous, there usually are no informations before they block the roads every time.

What a ridiculous country, people pay taxes every day, but they don’t enjoy any benefit from government. According to an official report, this country has the most heavy tax policy in the world, but people have the most bad treat, crowd public transfer tools, crowd hospital, very few schools, the most expensive food, by the way people are fucked by the government every day!