Dream Come True

This is our family’s first time to Australia, and this is the first time of Sophie and Ray left out of China. I had several times’ travel before, I had never imagined that we have to go to other country someday, since we quit from earlier company in the end of 2010, I decided to go out and have a look what happen in other country. However, we finally come to Melbourne successful. There are several advantages for living in Melbourne.

Firstly, for new comer, it’s essential to open an account from commomweath bank, the procedures for opening account is very easy, and you no need to save anything in the beginning. It means that you can have one zero balance account, and it is not compulsory to deposit money in a bank. For international students, it’s no charge for managing bank account. The netbank service is quite high efficiency just like you browse a webpage, it’s easy to transfer money from your account to others.

Secondly, provide your passport and bank statement you can sign a 2 years’ Iphone 4 S from Vodaphone with no charge to pick up iphone after done all documentary. Then you can pay the bill online monthly. Every people have the right to sign a new phone if your have enough money for statement.

Thirdly, the education system for kids is logical, you can send your kid to nearly kindergartens or schools for first choice, if you want to go to a good school, you can apply for it, if you prepare early for this you will not miss their enrollment. The complete facilities of each school are attractive for kids, you can choose public school or private school, while, this two styles of school are different, especially the price of private school is very high, but public school is free for children. The government give the totally financial support for public school, but the private schools are not running by government.

Furthermore, for medical service, you can go private medical center even it is not on your insurance list. For permanent residents, if you have medicare, you can have all medical charge free, even though you got cancer, the government will pay all your medical fee. So you don’t need to worry about health care.

Moreover, the most important thing is that the food quality is unbelievable good, for example, daily milk, there is no kid above 3 who drinks milk powder, they drink fresh milk every day, because the milk quality is so good. Also flour quality is wonderful, soft flour and easy to make cake but very cheap. In addition, meat quality is also fantastic but not expensive, almost same price as Beijing.

In conclusion, if you understand English here you can easily to adapt the local life in Melbourne, also you have no idea how enlightened in this developed country. You will always believe your choice is correct.

Sophie's Progress

Sometimes I feel that Sophie grows too fast, she is almost 110cm tall and ready to go to primary school next year. When I saw some little toddlers on the street, I admired their mother, because they can enjoy small kids’ lovely. I liked to browse Sophie’s younger photos who was taken by 3years ago, during her 1 year old, she was so adorable.

Sophie is getting smart, she can turn on TV and select her favorite video by using Ipad. One day, we decided to leave her home alone, she asked for some snacks then happy to stayed at home. After we bought foods and back home, I was astonished that Sophie was watching Disney movie on couch. Even me can not turn on our complex home theater machine by Ipad, how did she do it?

Also She got talent of memorize, especially something is relating to foods she can eat or what I promised her to provide. Yesterday, we went out to buy milk powder for friends and leave Sophie home again,when we rushed to arrive home, she was watching Astroboy, she was question that why mom did not leave any fruits to her. I said sorry to her as regret. So she accepted my apology finally. Again, when we went to vegetable market today, she reminded me to prepare some foods for her, then her dad gave her a spoon of icecream.

Recently, we mentioned that Sophie is going to have birthday, and I told her that she should learn to help parents at home. She got a little understand in second day when she got up, she told me that she will help me to make a cake when she is 5, and she is going to learn how to cook and wash dishes, also wash clothes, so mom will not be tired at all. I thought she just made a naive promise, afternoon I checked with her about what she said in the morning, she spoke same words. While, she really helps me to do some easy household works, such as clean plates, move away dirty bowls from table. This kid really enjoys helping and wants to grow up fast. She likes to praise what delicious food mom makes, though she asks her dad to speak well to me. What a lovely girl.

Maybe it was God’s order, we had a successful tour for a public primary school which is on the top 10 of all Melbourne’s public schools yesterday. Sophie loves the school very much. Because she is going to 5 next year, we need to book her primary school in advance. It is normal to choose a suitable school before children start primary school learning for one year, but I saw some parents who looking for school when their kid still younger than 4. Although there is no stronger competition for kids for selecting schools, but parent still need to make the decision early rather than miss a good chance for kids.

The school is so closed to our home, about 10minutes drive roughly. It got a huge campus including sport ground, multifunctional hall, music hall, inside ball training room, painting room, teaching room, computer area, planting place, open grass and playground, kitchen, every corner of the school we visited. The education for kids here is fantastic, not just mathematics, English, but also art, music, natural science, biology and physical science, every task is important for teaching, so they can learn a lot of knowledge in balance. The facilities in this school are fabulous, we are so impressive!

Sophie got 2 vaccinations last week, she did not cry. The doctor is so kindness to give her a candy for encouragement, and she also got 2 pieces of band-aids for her needled arms.So this is other one surprise for us. We are so satisfied the service of medical center, it is just a small private medical center, but we also can get the reimbursement from our medical insurance company even the provider is not on the list of medical insurance.

We definitely like this place, we can feel different culture and passionate civilization, we face many surprise every day. How lucky we are!

New Life in Melbourne

Sophie is going to 4years old tomorrow, she has a wonderful happy time in Melbourne recently. When she stayed with her father last month, she got skin allergy, even she was sleeping she also scratched herself, what a bad time for her. On the other hand, she missed me very much, she could not calm down to sleep well without me.

While we have completely settled down including house, furniture, electronics, car, necessaries, we found a suitable kindergarten for Sophie, she will go to kinder next Monday.

The life in Melbourne is quite relaxed, for example nobody will check your passport or ID card on the road, no need to worry about robbery occur in broad daylight, you will not experience crowd train like in Beijing, there are always free seats when you get on train, even crowd train, nobody push others or rush their foot. Also, the traffic signals are efficient to different directions on road, cars always give way to pedestrians and bicycles. Furthermore, people who walk on the road are nice to say hello to strangers with warm greeting.

Otherwise, the government organizations pay attention to answer questions, for instance, I failed to receive my tax file number since I arrived, I called the tax bureau, the service lady told me that my tax file number at first then she promised to send the paper mail to me within 7 work days, then I got it by 3days later. Moreover, we found that we did not receive any wireless phones from Optus(a telephone company), but it’s included on my bill, so I called them to get a certainly reply, they responded me that they will send it to me soon. Their service is friendly, I feel good. The most important thing is that we bought a second hand car from the cheapest car sale market, we had a smooth and successful registration for car from Vicroads(traffic management department). Our experiences for transacting procedures were joyful and memorable, and nobody made troubles for us, it’s strengthening our decision to stay here in future.

Our Sophie is happy everyday, she plays in our safe gardens(front and backyard), she likes to play in playground and go out for walking. Sophie likes the good weather of Melbourne, she is getting fat and feel comfortable.

Wish our dream will come true. God bless us!